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Fortune 500 corporations all have their own general counsel divisions that handle their business legal matters. However, these companies can afford to have their own legal team, whereas most privately held businesses cannot afford their own legal division, but still desire to have an attorney that they can contact with legal matters and advice that they can rely upon and feel comfortable that their matters are of the utmost importance and require immediate attention.

SEM Law Group offers “General Counsel” services to privately held corporations by and through its “Corporate Retainer” Program. SEM Law Group Corporate Retainer program is a pre-paid legal program that provides its commercial clients with corporate legal services similar to having your own in-house counsel. Our clients participating in our Corporate Retainer program have the benefit of our extensive range of legal services.

All Corporate Retainers provide immediate access to our attorneys with immediate response and follow up to all corporate matters inquired by our clients. Our clients participating in this program range from small corporations to large international corporations.

How does it work? You execute a retainer with our firm for as many hours as you expect to need our services on a monthly basis. The amount of time is subjectively dependent on the needs of your company. However many hours that you choose, you are billed on a quarterly basis for the amount of hours. You pay your quarterly prepaid hours at the start of each quarter. Due to the fact that you are prepaying these legal fees, they are gradually discounted at a higher rate the more hours you need. At the end of each quarter, any unused hours are banked and applied for the following quarter(s). Therefore, you do not waive any unused time. Any additional time over and above the prepaid hours are billed to you at our regular rate and due upon receipt of your following quarter’s statement. In the event that you underestimated the amount of time necessary for your legal needs for that quarter, they can be adjusted at the next quarter to avoid being billed for additional time at the regular rates.

To find out more about our Corporate Retainers, please feel free to contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss how we can provide your company with its own general counsel. We have been proudly serving businesses located in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and throughout Florida.

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General Counsel For Your Florida Business

Globalization, compliance concerns, economy, business competitions and mergers have all influenced the way that the legal function of a general counsel is used. In the present time, CEOs look at their general counsel as both legal and business advisor who should consider and be responsible for all the issues their company is facing.

Aside from being a legal advisor and a strategic business partner at the same time, the general counsel should as well organize, train, educate, lead and manage. This only goes to show that general counsel attorneys play a vital role in this global community. Various roles that they play include being a risk assessor, board advisor, compliance officer, business consultant and a company secretary. They provide either regional or international counsel dedicated to meet the needs of their clients.

How Can I Find Great General Counsel In Florida?

The elevated flexibility of the general counsel role has made a challenging aspect in filling job vacancies for this position more than ever. Even the most intelligent and experienced human resource professionals and CEOs find it difficult to effectively seek and evaluate candidates and determine the more delicate skills needed for the position. To help you find an efficient general counsel for your company, here are some suggestions you may consider when hiring one:

  1. Look for inside candidates. In time that a general counsel of legal department is soon departing his team, the most effective way to seek for his replacement is to look for the inside candidates in his present team. Most of the time, general counsel attorneys become more responsible for developing succession plans, serving as mentors and creating internal talent. In this effort, it often results to internal candidates being the appropriate for the available position of the general counsel.
  2. Focus on core competencies. The greatest obstacle to triumphantly hire a general counsel comes from the inappropriate administration of expectations. Generally and most commonly, companies who are looking for a possible candidate for general counsel tend to look for a perfect candidate instead of the right one. They do not realize that the two adjectives cannot work mutually but rather each are used to yield very different results from each other. Companies tend to burden the perfect candidate with requirements line up which are mostly unrealistic and unnecessary instead of prioritizing and determining the core competencies needed for the role they specifically require for their company. They must be realistic in their search and set meaningful requirements and priorities that will result in producing a robust pool of candidates from which a single candidate will make an outstanding fit. Some of the competencies in which companies must consider whenever in search for a general counsel include:• Combines sharp intelligence, technical skills and experience to solve complex and difficult business problems.
    • Has the ability to effectively administer diverse relationships and personalities, externally and internally.
    • Thinks outside the box and can come up with creative and new ideas to legal and business matters
    • Leads others through communicating a compelling vision which moves teams, individuals and the whole organization to perform a higher level and accept change
    • Sees every aspect of things and has the ability to focus on critical tasks without feeling pressured
    • Effectively communicates at all organizational levels, either in verbal or written communication
    • Delegates through making individuals accountable, supplying feedbacks and has the mentoring, recruiting and growing talent for present and future roles.
  3. Ready to invest. Whenever conducting a general counsel search, your company should be ready to invest financially and also in terms of effort and time. Since the general counsel will be the reliable and trusted advisor of the CEO, the search can be more successful if the search team includes the CEO in the process. Instead of only involving the CEO in the primary meeting and assessment of the final candidate(s), the CEO must the involved in every step of the search process.
  4. Think out of the box. Companies which can establish disciplined yet elastic guidelines will be able to quickly and effectively find excellent candidate for the position. Management skills, good business judgment, technical skills as well being fit in the organization are all important whenever seeking for a probable candidate. However, there are definite areas where a company can as well show elasticity and still be able to find excellent candidates without having to settle from the usual, but rather thinking out of the box.

Who is the Most Trusted Being a General Counsel?

In Florida, SEM Law Group Corporate Attorneys is one of the most trusted and in demand general counsel all across the state. With all the competencies and skills that a general counsel must have mentioned above, we, at SEM Law Group Attorneys are confident that our team is flexible and open enough to every possibility. To every general counsel lawyer the firm has, he has the competency and prowess to stand his ground in court hearings he is part of. Our mission and objectives are stated respectively.

Our Mission Is Your Mission

Our Florida General Counsel Services offers strategic partnership to clients, providing expert and timely legal guidance and advice. We support the goals and objectives of their client. Led by our CLO or Chief Law Officer, our legal department consists of legal attorneys, other professional and administrative staffs, working with unity to provide immediate action to the request of our client. Call us now to schedule an free interview. Yes, you can interview us and we are confident of the outcome. No obligation, call: 954-956-7676

Interview Us To Become Your General Counsel. We Are Confident We Will Pass The Test And Become Your Valuable Business Counsel!
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You General Counsel Objectives Are Ours

The objective of our Florida General Counsel is to provide reliable and professional legal guidance, support and advice which include:

  • Supports and advises their client to ensure excellence in fulfilling ethical and legal obligations
  • Serves as a resource for creative problem solving and informed decision making in order to facilitate the client’s pursuit of its mission of serving
  • Facilitates all transaction aspects of the client, if appropriate or necessary
  • Represents the client being a legal counsel in government and judicial proceedings through defending and advocating the client’s interests, assisting communications, if appropriate among multiple department of the client’s business nature in the context of legal matters
  • Serves as a point of contact to every interaction outside counsel.

Contact SEM Law Group General Counsel today and learn to depend on us in terms of the problem your company is facing. Our firm aspires to provide intelligent and timely advice, in accordance with an in-depth understanding of your company policies and values to accelerate your company’s endeavors. We are looking forward to work with you and hoping to become your trusted and dependable business partner!