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SEM Law, Corporate Division is a proud member of the following collection related organizations:

  • Commercial Law League of America (CLLA)

The main focus of our firm’s commercial litigation practice is with commercial collections. Our attorneys and staff have extensive experience representing commercial creditors, and debtors, in litigation and trial.

SEM Law provides its commercial collection clients with updates and appreciates its clients’ need to be periodically updated in their matters. SEM Law also is equipped to handle multiple claims on behalf of the same creditor by and through collection companies. It is the mission of SEM Law attorneys and staff to keep its clients updated and informed throughout the process. SEM Law also provides its clients all over the country with important information in changes in law that affect their rights as collectors and debtors.

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Commercial Collection Litigation

Litigating and completely defending your entire collection claims is really must. In this sense, you need to ask for attorney’s support and assistance on how you are going to do these things. Make sure that the attorney you are going to get in touch with has the experience and equipped with the appropriate strategy on how to defend your collection claims. Attorney will be collecting the amounts with the use of post judgment that will be entered in a trial or even in breach for its settlement. Judgment is only good if the money is already collected from it. Trial process will be followed as part of the commercial collection process that will be handled by the attorney you have chosen to take charge of your collection claims.

SEM Law has years of experience that has formed its strategy with litigating and defending collection claims, and has litigated claims from advertisement on television to products and services. There has not been a collection claim that SEM Law has not litigated. Most importantly, SEM Law knows how to collect the amounts through post judgment should a judgment or verdict be entered through trial or breach of settlement. A judgment is only as good as the money that is collected from it. The trial process is only part of the process of collection, as the post judgment process is where most attorneys fall short.

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Post Judgment Collection

SEM Law is experienced in not only the litigation of creditor claims and defenses, but in post judgment collection. When it comes to collection and business litigation, the judgment is only the first step in the process, it is only the first part of the battle; it takes an experienced post judgment attorney possessing knowledge in post-judgment asset litigation to ensure that judgments translate into money or assets. SEM Law is experienced and prides itself in its extensive knowledge in not only collection litigation, but also post judgment collection where collection cases translate in money collection.

Most of the attorneys in these days are not only good for creditor claims for litigation but also equipped with the right knowledge and skills in post judgment collection. When it comes to post judgment collection as well as business litigation, judgment serves as the first step in the battle that needs experience and professional attorney possess the knowledge and skills in asset litigation. This is very essential in order to assure that these judgments can effectively be translated into assets or money. Choose attorneys which have extensive knowledge in collecting litigation at the same time in collecting post judgments that is highly needed in translating it to money and assets.

Shareholder Commercial Collection Agreements

People need to be equipped with the right knowledge with regards to shareholders agreement especially if you have your business. This agreement will completely emphasized more on protecting your business, shareholders as well as the officers that are part of your business. It also put exact format as to your obligations and rights as well individual or entities who are participating in your business. This is very essential as part of your commercial collection for your business most particularly if huge numbers of people are involved in your business. This is an effective way of outlining your rights, parameters and obligations as to how you can conduct your business properly and accurately.

With these fields of commercial collections, you are given great assurance that business or corporation rights you are aiming for will be given to you at its best and high quality. You can also be given great assurance that you can always fight for your right especially if you are aware that you are on the right track.

Qualifications & Experience

SEM Law Collection experience includes foreign judgment domestication and collection, arbitration awards domestication and collection, contract disputes, invoicing, aged accounts receivables collection, and aged account payable defense, open accounts, goods and services sold, from product purchases to advertising and marketing sales, lines of credit, promissory notes, and many more areas of collection; our firm has represented a broad range of clients in all of these matters and many more.

In order to make sure that commercial collection claims that you need to be solved will be always in good hands, you need to seek for the assistance of experience and professional attorney. Choose those attorneys who have the right skills and knowledge in commercial collection claims and cases. Choose attorneys with comprehensive qualifications of experience that include:

  • Foreign collection and domestication.
  • Arbitration domestication with commercial collection.
  • Invoicing experience
  • Contract disputes
  • Open accounts experience
  • Promissory Notes
  • Marketing and advertising sales
  • Services and goods sold
  • Business Contract

These are just some of the areas of experience that you need to highlight in the attorney you are looking for. This is very essential since with these kind experiences they have; you can already determine how convenient and effective they are in legally representing your case and claims with regards to commercial collections. Hence, you need to make sure that in choosing your attorney who will be handling your commercial collection claims make sure that they are completely equipped with the right experience that is best for your claim or case.

In line with these matters, you also need to focus more on the professionalism of the attorney you are going to seek assistance with. Professional attorney who will be handling your commercial collection claims will always take pride to provide you great assurance in winning your commercial collection claims and fight for your right with the professional approach they are going to give you.
With the experience and professionalism that attorneys will be giving, people are given great assurance especially to those who are running their own business and corporations of a successful and progressive career in any of these two fields without experiencing any issues and claims with their commercial claims. So, as early as now if you have already observed that there is something wrong in the commercial collection of your business or corporation, well don’t hesitate to seek for the assistance of professional and well-experience attorney who can help you out to deal and get rid of such situation.