Filing for a Restraining Order / Injunction for Protection

Filing for a Restraining Order / Injunction for Protection

In Florida, there are a multitude of Injunctions for protection otherwise known as “Restraining Orders” for various situations and circumstances, including:

  1. Injunction against domestic violence;
  2. Dating violence, repeat violence;
  3. Sexual violence;
  4. Stalking; and/or
  5. Stalking violence.

Although, of course, you are not required to share a Minor Child with the person from whom you require a restraining order, it is important to note that, if you have Minor Child(ren) whose safety you are concerned for, as a parent or guardian, in many instances, you may also file for an injunction on behalf of your Minor Child(ren) to prevent them from harm as well.

Many people, who are inexperienced with the law, attempt to file for restraining orders without legal guidance and are, unfortunately, denied the restraining order due to a failure to allege adequate facts satisfying the legal standard/burden necessary to have a Court grant the Order. Not only can the Court’s denial of a much-needed restraining order cause fear and a frenzy of emotion, it can be dangerous for your safety as well. When your safety is at risk, you cannot afford to gamble the possibility of being denied an order of protection. You must instead hire competent counsel to ensure that your allegations are sufficiently plead to best ensure your receipt of a restraining order.

At a time when you need help and counseling the very most, SHAMY, EL FADEL & MAHONE, will guide you through the legal process and through your fears to assist you in petitioning the court for the injunction which best fits your immediate needs, keeping yourself and/or your Minor Child(ren), if applicable, safe. Then, we will endeavor to gather the necessary information, evidence and witnesses to prepare you for the hearing necessary to obtain an Order of the Court protecting you from further torment by the abuser.