Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

The parenting coordination process enables parents to spend less time in court, less time in conflict and more time coparenting successfully in the best interest of the children. In high conflict family law matters, our neutral parenting coordinator assists the parents by facilitating agreements, resolving disputes, educating the parents and making parenting decisions within the scope of the court’s order. To do so,the parenting coordinator meets with the parents and other collateral sources frequently and hears disputes/conflicts which have arisen between the parents regarding the children further requiring the parents to conform with certain decisions or agreements made during the parenting coordination process. Parenting Coordination gives high conflict parents the tools to coparent successfully through difficult decisions with regular meetings and guidance.

Why Use the Services of a Parenting Coordinator?

Some parents have such a high conflict relationship that they are unable to work together to make decisions regarding the children. However, as it can take quite some time to obtain court dates, ourparenting coordinator can assist the immediate needs of parents by and through making certain decisions for the parents. Our parenting coordinator can help the parents to work together to see what is in the best interest of the children.

How Does Parenting Coordination Work?

Ourparenting coordinator will meet with the parents frequently to determine the immediate needs of the children and any existing grievances of either parent. Our parenting coordinator will determine what is in the best interest of the minor children after investigating the facts and using collateral sources, including but not limited to, treating mental health professionals, the minor child’s school, case workers, relatives, etc. In the parenting coordination process, decisions/agreements can be made regarding a wide array of topics including the mental health treatment of the children, extracirricular activities of the children, medical treatment of children, identification of persons detrimental to the children, whether certain activities of the children are allowed, selection of caregivers for the children, how the parents will communicate with eachother and with the children, etc. Our parenting coordinator can establish binding agreements/decisions and goals for the parents and may report to the court if said decisions are not complied with, ensuring that all parties are accountable to follow the parenting plan and agreements made. Most parenting coordination appointments last for a total of two (2) years or until the parties are able to begin successfully coparenting independently.