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Business Formation


It is what this country has been built around, the “American Dream”, to create your own company, work and watch it flourish. However, creating a company is sometimes not as easy as just incorporating, but it also requires the proper contracts to ensure that the shareholders and or members of the company are properly protected, and fiduciary duties are set in place; as well as those rights and obligations of members/shareholders and officers/managers/managing members. SEM Law Group is experienced and qualified in the incorporation or organization of your corporation or limited liability company/partnership and offers a plethora of services in the formation of your company.

Please review our offerings below:

Incorporating/Organizing Formation

SEM Law Group by and through its accounts with the Department of State Division of Corporations can incorporate your corporation or organize your limited liability company or partnership with a twenty-four (24) hour turnaround from the time filed.

In addition to incorporating and organizing, SEM Law Group procures your Employment Identification Number/Federal Employment Identification (EIN/FEI), as well as purchases a corporate kit for your company on your behalf delivered right to your doorstep. Inclusive to this formation service, SEM Law Group files as the registered agent to your company for service of process. Essentially, any served documentation is forwarded or served to our office on your company’s behalf so you do not have to use your house or corporate headquarters as the address for service of process in the event a suit is filed against your company.

SEM Law Group charges $550.00 for the filing of a Florida Profit or Foreign Profit Corporation (includes costs) SEM Law Group charges $650 for the filing of a Florida limited liability company or partnership (includes costs) SEM Law Group charges $750 for simple dissolutions (does not include costs) SEM Law Group charges $250 for minutes for Florida Profit or Foreign Profit Corporation (Includes minutes for officers, directors, and authorized officer/director to open bank account) SEM Law Group charges $350 for minutes for Florida limited liability company or partnership (Includes minutes creating company, choosing managing member/manager, authorized member to open bank account, and adopt operating agreement)

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Shareholder or Operating Agreements

SEM Law Group has a catalogue of shareholder agreements and LLC operating agreements at their clients’ disposal that truly protect the corporation, their members/shareholders and officers. They outline in exacting format the rights and obligations of each individual or entity that participates in the corporation,
Limited Liability Corporation or partnership.

It is important to have these agreements in effect for your businesses, particularly when numerous people are involved, as they outline the rights, obligations, and parameters of how your corporation conducts business. Most of the corporate code refers to these agreements, i.e. shareholder and operating agreements, for handling matters of corporate duties, rights and obligations. Therefore, without these agreements in place, all corporate matters are reduced to testimony of the officers, directors, shareholders, or members, managers and managing members. This may result in substantial litigation bills over these matters, rather than ensuring the proper protection by outlining these duties, rights and obligations in a shareholder agreement or operating agreement.

Contact us now for pricing for our catalogue of shareholder and operating agreements; we have agreements that cover all aspects of your business and can further tailor any of our agreements to suit any special needs.