Time-sharing f/k/a Child Custody/Visitation Modification

Even though a time-sharing or parenting plan may have been entered, this does not constitute a true permanent arrangement. If and/or when certain changes in circumstances arise after the original parenting plan was entered by the Court, these changes, if substantial, can affect the outcome of the “Best Interests of the Child” test originally used to structure the parenting plan by the Court. As a result, if warranted, the Court can award a change in time-sharing rights and/or parental decision-making authority, particularly if the condition and/or circumstances of one of the parents negatively affects the Minor Child(ren) involved and/or places the Minor Child(ren) in danger.

If your originally ordered parenting plan is no longer in the best interest of your Minor Child(ren) and/or you are concerned about the general well-being of your Minor Child(ren) because the other parent is placing your child(ren) in danger, do not wait for a tragedy to strike or sit by idly, you should immediately hire representation to fight for your child(ren)’s best interest to be revisited by the Court and for the change warranted to occur to ensure their safety and developmental progress.