Foreclosure Defense Boca Raton FL

If your property is being foreclosed upon and you want to fight to stay in your home, you can hire a lawyer for foreclosure defense in Boca Raton. Whether your lender is justified in their proceedings or not, you may be able to win the case and prevent the loss of your property. Here are three reasons to hire an attorney after you receive a foreclosure notice.

1. Hire a lawyer for foreclosure defense when you’re not able to get your loan modified.

Your first step when having difficulty paying your loan according to terms is to ask if it can be modified. Many homeowners are able to refinance. Otherwise, you can possibly change the terms by reducing the interest rate or extending the length of time for repayment. Sometimes, you can do a combination of things to help you better afford your payments.

2. Hire an attorney when the lender can’t prove that they own your loan.

Oftentimes, lenders originate loans but then later sell them to other creditors. In the past, this made it easier for fraudulent foreclosures, as the court would assume that a financial institution claiming to own your loan were telling the truth. Ask your lender for proof that they own your loan. If they can’t provide it, you should consult a lawyer.


3. Hire a lawyer for foreclosure defense in Boca Raton if your financial institution has taken possession too soon.

If they’ve changed your locks and taken over before they’re legally entitled to, you should fight it. While this rarely happens, it does and it is illegal. An attorney can help you get back into your home for the legally required  time you’re entitled to. Even if you don’t win your foreclosure case, you are still rightfully able to be in your house.

Don’t try to fight foreclosure alone or simply give up and let the financial institution take away everything you’ve worked hard for, especially when you have a valid defense! Our attorneys at SEM Law Group Law have knowledge in foreclosure law and will defend you in court when you’re fighting for your home. Call us today at 561-939-8042 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers for foreclosure defense in Boca Raton!