Personal Injury Claims Boca Raton

If you’ve been injured but are hesitant to file a personal injury (PI) claim, you’re not alone. Common myths and misconceptions keep people from getting the compensation they deserve. But, don’t miss out. If you’ve been injured, talk to a lawyer to get the right guidance. Here are four common myths about personal injury claims debunked.

Myth #1: Personal Injury Claims Take Forever and Cost a Fortune

There is no way to know how long a personal injury claim will take since it depends on so many factors. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to affect a decision that offers you help during this difficult time.

Hiring a lawyer means you’ve got someone on your side to handle the claim and work hard to get it resolved quickly. Typically, the fees for the lawyer are only charged if you win your claim and receive a settlement. Most PI lawyers offer a free initial consultation, so talk to an attorney and find out more.

Myth #2: Hiring a Lawyer Isn’t Worth It

Even injuries that seem minor can result in expensive hospital care. Emergency room visits, X-rays, and other tests add up fast. Don’t be left holding the bill. Hire a PI attorney to file your personal injury claims to get the fastest, most complete compensation.

Myth # 3: You’ll Have To Go to Court

Fear of going to court keeps many from filing personal injury claims. However, many PI claims are settled without ever going to court. Should it be necessary, hiring an injury attorney means you’ve got a pro to handle your case, and they’ll work hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

Myth #4: A Claim Will Cause Financial Ruin

Many people feel guilty filing a personal injury claim because they worry they will cause financial ruin to the individual or business. Most of the time, the insurance company for the person or business provides the compensation. 

If You’ve Been Injured, Hire a Professional Personal Injury Claims Lawyer in Boca Raton

Don’t handle accident claims alone. Hire an experienced injury attorney to make the process less stressful, faster, and to get better compensation. At SEM Law Group Law, we have the experience you need to handle your personal injury claims, so call us for a free consultation today at 561-939-8042.