If you find yourself in a situation that requires a family law attorney in Boca Raton, chances are it is an emotional and uncertain time. There will be important decisions that must be made, and hopefully they can be made without the courts having to decide. However, you need a great lawyer on your side whether or not you can resolve issues without a judge. Before hiring representation, you need to interview lawyers to find the right one for you. This list is not all-inclusive, so be sure to add your own questions to ask a family law attorney in Boca Raton.

Here Are 5 Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney in Boca Raton

1. What Experience Do You Have?

More specifically, you need to know if the lawyer has experience handling cases similar to yours. Be very clear about your legal needs, and make sure the lawyer you choose has the skills necessary to navigate your case. 

2. How Long Have You Practiced Family Law?

A seasoned family attorney is better for you, no matter the type of case you have. This is someone who has negotiation expertise and the ability to work through challenges. A good family attorney is also one who stays up to date on relevant legal rulings and changes in laws.

3. What Is Your Strategy?

While a family law attorney can’t give you details before thoroughly reviewing your case (and typically won’t until you hire them), they can at least share with you their strategy for how they’ve handled past similar cases. This will help you determine whether you are comfortable with how they work or not. 

4. What Is Expected of Me?

Your role in a family law case will be important, and it’s necessary for you to understand what is expected of you. Be sure to ask as this sets the stage for effective communication and a productive working relationship with your family law attorney in Boca Raton. 

5. How Do You Communicate With Your Clients?

In #4, effective communication was mentioned. There is nothing worse than sending your attorney an email and waiting days for a response. It can be quite nerve racking, especially in a family law case! 

So, find out their preferences for communication. Email? Phone calls? Texts? What is their typical response time? You should also ask about communication during after-office hours in case of an emergency, as well as who will be handling communication from their office.

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