Divorce Lawyers Boca Raton FL

When it comes to divorce, no one wants to have to hire a divorce lawyer in Boca Raton. In an ideal world, you would both agree on dividing everything fairly and equally. But that doesn’t usually happen, and you’re likely going to need an attorney. Here are five signs it’s time to call one.

1. When your spouse asks for a divorce, you should contact a divorce lawyer in Boca Raton immediately.

Especially if you’ve been caught off guard. Chances are high that they’ve already consulted with a divorce lawyer if they’re already sure they want a divorce, so you’re one step behind. Hiring a lawyer right away helps you prepare for any other surprises to come.

2. If you have children, whether together or from previous relationships, you should hire a divorce attorney to help with custody issues.

While the state of Florida doesn’t recognize the word custody as it applies to guardianship due to its implication that children are possessions to be divided, time sharing will have to be determined after a divorce. There are various ways that the family law courts divide time split between parents, including majority time sharing and equal time sharing. Typically, equal time sharing is granted unless there is a good reason why one parent should be granted majority share.

3. If you have any assets to divide, call a divorce attorney in Boca Raton.

Even if the assets you have seem minor, it’s best to let a lawyer help you divide everything up and ensure you get your fair share. This is especially true for long-lasting marriages when you have accumulated many assets together, including a house, vacation property, cars, retirement accounts, savings, and other valuable items.

4. If you think your spouse is hiding something, hire a lawyer.

They can help uncover anything that might be undisclosed by working with your spouse’s attorney. It may be that whatever they’re hiding is what initiated their desire for a divorce, such as an affair or a large monetary gain. You need to know everything to help ensure you are treated fairly in the split.

5. When you’re unable to come to an agreement on your own, it’s time to contact an attorney.

A divorce attorney in Boca Raton helps you legally resolve issues you and your spouse can’t agree on through family law mediation. While some partners are able to separate amicably without a lawyer, that is typically not the case. Save yourself the time and stress of talking in circles to come to an agreement, and contact a divorce lawyer.

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