We all have seen the map being passed around where Florida is the Orange, or warm, spot on the map. We’re very lucky to call Florida our home. We are reminded that we live in paradise during the winter season. Although, sometimes that can spoil us when we travel outside our borders. Holiday travels are in full swing and lets all work together to make this season another great one!

Plan Ahead/Leave Early

Planning ahead leads to leaving early and a less stressed out you. Planning ahead will reduce stress during the holiday season especially by using lists. Crossing off items from your list will not only be gratifying, but will indicate that you are fully prepped for your travels. This will prepare you to leave early which is usually a must. Either traffic will be heavy due to many out-of-towners and locals taking in the holiday decorations. If traveling by plane, it is critical to be early as possible. Remember there are more travelers to create problems which create delays.

Get the Car Checked Out

The trusty car may be preforming great today, but what about when it’s critical to get to the airport or to Grandma’s house? There are certain parts made to wear out on the car, and you never know how close those parts are to being replaced until it has been checked. If you’re about to place some hefty mileage on the station-wagon, it’s time to take it in for a tune-up. Also, ask the mechanic if the car is winter ready if you’re traveling up north.

Stop Expecting a Perfect Holiday

Perfect holidays do not exist. Now that you can let go of that thought you can enjoy your holiday. Something is bound to go wrong, or something won’t be exactly as you pictured. Rather than let that ruin the day go with the unexpected. It could turn out to be what makes the holiday worth remembering!