Benefits of Being a Corporate Attorney

It is important for an attorney to choose a practice area carefully as it can have a major impact on their future. Following are the benefits of being a corporate attorney.

Corporate is ideal when the economy is strong

Corporate is the best practice area, in terms of money and practice, when the economy is strong. Experienced corporate attorneys are always in demand in most of the large cities. Corporate attorneys who are good in doing deals are always welcomed by big law firms. Even if you do not have the most prestigious law school credentials, you can get into a big corporate firm if you have corporate experience. If you like the business sector, then corporate law is ideal for you.

Specialization aspects

A few aspects of the corporate law is so specialized that, if you specialize in them, then you would be among a handful of attorneys in the entire world with this expertise. You would always be in demand in such a case. It does not matter whether the economy is in a recession or you get more senior, big law firms will always welcome you with both hands.

Credentials more important than experience

When a law firm decides to hire a litigator, they will look at the quality of the law school attended, law review, the order of the coif, judicial clerkship, and so on. When a law firm decides to hire a corporate attorney, the only thing that usually matters is the experience. It does not mean that the other criteria are not required, it just matters less, comparatively.

Going in-house is easier

Majority of the in-house positions are for corporate attorneys, rather than litigation attorneys. If you plan to move to an in-house position in the future, then choosing corporate law will definitely help to pave the way. If a company is involved in a serious litigation, they will rarely handle this work in-house. This means the work of an in-house litigation attorney often get reduced to reviewing legal bills and assisting with small legal matters. In contrast, corporate attorneys are often involved in the daily operations of companies.

You will be able to find a litigation attorney almost anywhere, be it a small town or a big city. That is not the case with corporate attorneys. Corporate attorneys are more specialized and always in demand.