Florida is number one! Finally, Florida is number one in something other than foreclosure activity and filings. Florida is number one for lethal bicycle accidents in the nation and has been for several years. Many experts point the blame on the lack of proper safety knowledge for the high numbers in Florida.

“I don’t understand why bicycles are even allowed on the road; they are so slow.”

A bicycle is defined as a vehicle under FL §316.003(2), for purposes of the Uniform Traffic Control Law, also a cyclist has all of the rights to the roadway applicable to any driver, with few exceptions. A bicycle operator may ride on the sidewalk, depending on a local municipalities laws. Several cities do not allow cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. Additionally the bicycle operator must yield the right of way to all pedestrians not on bicycles. One last thing, sidewalks are not designed with bicycles in mind.trees

“What can I do to prevent an accident with a motorized vehicle if I’m a cyclist?”

According to a national study done by W.W. Hunter, W.E. Pein, and J.C. Stutts, the top two most common factors contributing to a bicycle accident caused by the cyclist is riding against traffic on the roadway, and cycling at night without lights. The other common factor was failure to yield in a variety of situations.

“I’m a motorist, and I’d like to know what is the most common factor when the motorist is at fault in a bicycle accident”?

Again, according to a national study done by W.W. Hunter, W.E. Pein, and J.C. Stutts, the most common violation when a motorist is at fault is when the motorist fails to yield at a stop or yield sign.

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