You may or may not have been aware of a video circling the internet regarding how one Boca Raton lawyer believes he has found a legal way to refuse a DUI check. If you haven’t seen the video, go ahead and watch it by clicking here.

Just in case if your curious (and didn’t watch the video) it’s not us! The Florida lawyer is Warren Redlich. According to Mr. Redlich, and his website, drivers, don’t have to interact with officers or even roll down their windows. Simply place your license and registration papers on the glass of the vehicle window, along with a flyer that the officer will read. Equally important, according to Redlich, is to not open the vehicle window. Warren Redlich’s video certainly records his theory successfully being utilized.5554

“Will this really work?”

The short answer is, maybe. The complicated answer is, probably not, in the 1990’s the US Supreme Court determined that despite being intrusive on individual liberties, being stopped at DUI checkpoint doesn’t not violate a person’s fourth amend rights. According to a police spokesperson from the Broward Sherriff’s office stated, “He was allowed to proceed because he clearly was not driving while intoxicated” Other legal experts in the area also state that it is unclear whether or not Mr. Reidlich’s DUI refusal will work or hold up in court. “Most states consider driving a privilege and drivers give up some rights,” said David S. Weinstein, a former Miami state, and federal prosecutor.
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