Car Insurance

It is an unfortunate fact of life that statistically daily drivers that meet a certain criteria of time, “behind the wheel” experience a car accident at a statistical frequency of once every four years. But hey, that is what car insurance is for, right? To cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, just like all those insurance companies tell you in their commercials trying to one up the other in what their coverage provides in certain situations. Also, why else are you giving them thousands per year? Well, the unfortunate answer is that, it is never that simple, and these insurance companies are businesses and are not so easily ready to give up their money in a claim situation making the process of filing a claim for your injuries harder than what you might expect. Moreover, they are constantly lobbying for more and more restrictive legislation with regards to medical coverage and insurance claims from driver accidents After all, just like any other business, they have a bottom line. That is where your attorney comes in. You hire an attorney, so you can make sure that your interests are legally advocated properly and effectively with insurance companies, whether it is the other driver’s or your own. So then, what is the process, you might then ask? Well, this blog aims to provide you with information about the differences of certain coverage you pay for as part of your policy, so you can understand what coverage is necessary to protect you, your friends and your loved ones in the unfortunate situation of a car accident. Remember, this is not legal advice that you should act upon, and should always leave the legal work to legal professionals, i.e. attorneys. Then again, legal advice is just a call and free consultation away should you need it at (954) 956-7676 or at this link, SEM Law Group-Law Personal Injury Intake Form.