Changes to Florida PIP Insurance

January first of this year an amendment to the Florida PIP insurance law FL Statute 627.736 (No fault Law)  took affect.

While the mass majority of insurance premium payers are unlikely to notice an immediate change, it is important to notate these changes in the event of an an accident.

The premium payer will continue to be required to purchase a minimum of $10,000 worth of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.  Under the protection will pay out 80 percent of medical expenses that are found to be necessary regardless of fault.

Initial services and care are only reimbursable if lawfully provided, supervised, ordered or prescribed by a licensed physician, licensed osteopathic physician, licensed chiropractic physician, licensed dentist, or must be rendered in a hospital, a facility that owns or is owned by a hospital, or a licensed emergency transportation and treatment provider within the first 14 days after the incident. Follow up services and care require a referral from such providers and must be consistent with the underlying medical diagnosis rendered when the individual received initial services and care. If these services are not preformed within the first 14 days of the incident the benefits are waived.

Additionally, one of the major revisions to the law is that if the injury sustained from the incident is not deemed “serious” then the maximum that can be received is $2,500 in PIP benefits.

These revisions are to help curb rampant insurance fraud that has taken place under the no-fault system.

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