Commercial Collection Attorney in Florida           

The collection of debt owed by a business/company to another business/company can be referred as commercial debt collection. Businesses usually render the services of a commercial collection attorney to represent them through the entire process of debt collection. You will be able to find a lot of competent commercial collection attorneys in Florida.

Need for a commercial collection attorney

The success of every business is dependent on the inflow of cash, basically its income. When the company does not receive the money it is owed, it will adversely affect the business. So, now the company will have to spend further money, and time in collecting the debt. The entire process of collecting the debt can be complex, and may consume a lot of the valuable time of the business. Instead of doing it yourself, you can opt for legal representation. You can hire a collection attorney, who will do everything that can be done legally to get the money back. In the long run, this will save you time, and money.

The legal process of collecting debts

When you hire a collection attorney, he/she will try to understand how the debt was originated in the first place. The various aspects of the collection process includes:

  • Collection letters – Collection letters are sent to the business to remind them about the debt they owe. The first letter will be short and will just inquire whether any problem exists. If there is no response to the first letter, then a second letter will be send which will be more insistent in nature.
  • Garnishments – The attorney will help to obtain a garnishment (a legal order for the purpose of obtaining a judgment (monetary) from a defendant, on behalf of a plaintiff).
  • Levies – The attorney will be able to help with obtaining a levy.
  • Enforcement of mechanic’s liens
  • Litigation – The attorney will initiate a litigation on behalf of your business.

A collection attorney will be able to handle various aspects of debt recovery, and judgments on behalf of your company/business. The services provided by a commercial collection attorney in Florida include:

  • Reviewing agreements and contracts, and drafting them.
  • Initiating commercial litigation to collect delinquent debts and overdue accounts.
  • Foreclosing mortgages, and liens.
  • Pre/Post-judgment solutions.
  • Strategize the collection of assets after obtaining the judgment from the commercial claims court.

A Florida attorney who undertakes to collect on a judgment must be well versed with the various rights and solutions that are open to the judgment creditors afforded by the law of Florida.