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A slip and fall accident can be very scary. They often bring on medical bills while reducing income from missed work days. If you have had a slip and fall accident, it is best to hire an attorney to help you navigate issues of liability and help you get the compensation you deserve. Not only that, you know that the other party will have an attorney fighting for them. You need the same help in your corner to have a successful suit.

Determining Liability and Negligence in Slip and Fall Accidents

Just because you fell down and injured yourself does not mean that the defendant has liability. They may not be liable for your care if you missed a step due to your own inattention or u\you tripped over your own coat, purse, dress, belt, or other piece of your own personal property.

Your lawyer will help you decide if you have liability for your fall. If you do not, then the next step is to prove that the defendant was somehow negligent and their negligence had a part in your injury. Some items that may be considered negligent are:

  • Uneven stairs or risers
  • Items improperly placed on a staircase
  • Unrepaired property damage

If your lawyer thinks there is a possibility that your fall was caused by the negligence of the defendant, there are many more questions you will have to answer. You will be asked questions about the kind of shoes you were wearing, if you were carrying anything, what hand you were carrying it in, if you were on your phone, and where you were looking when you fell. Your lawyer will help you prepare for the questions that the insurance company and jury will ask you before awarding money.

Seeking Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Once liability has been determined, a lawyer will help you to determine what damages to seek. They will help you properly document your lost wages and your medical bills. They will also make sure that your medical records reflect that the injuries you have suffered were a result of the slip and fall accident so there is no question once you get to court.

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