Estate Plannings Boca Raton FL

Most of us have what can be considered an estate – valuable belongings, real estate, bank accounts, insurance, and more. Everyone should have an estate plan – a detailed, legal plan that directs your wishes in regards to your belongings, plans for loved ones, instructions for your care in the event you are medically incapacitated – all the important details, some of which are specific to your unique needs. Here’s why you absolutely need a lawyer for estate planning in Boca Raton.

Estate Planning in Boca Raton Means Better Protection for You and Your Family

An attorney helps you look at what type of legal plan you need in place to best provide for you and your family in the event of death or medical incapacity. An attorney may help you set up a will, power of attorney, guardianship for loved ones, or even ensure that your medical wishes are carried out.

It Helps Avoid Expensive Probate Costs

A clear and specific legal plan helps avoid probate, which is the court process of dividing up assets among beneficiaries. Probate can be a lengthy and costly process. Hiring an attorney for estate planning in Boca Raton ensures that you have a legal plan in place directing the distribution of your assets. In addition, your attorney is up to date on the probate process to navigate for your family in the event it’s needed.

A Lawyer for Estate Planning  in Boca Raton Helps You Avoid Common Mistakes

Planning your estate is a detailed process and can be stressful if you go it alone. A lawyer knows the ins and outs and creates a solid legal plan with you, so you can avoid mistakes such as leaving assets or people out of your plan, understanding and planning for the tax impact for beneficiaries, or creating an inadequate plan. It’s much more cost effective to catch the mistakes and create a plan now while you’re alive than to correct it through the court process later.

Your Lawyer Can Update Your Estate Plan When You Need It

Life changes happen, and your estate plan needs to stay up to date. Having a lawyer for estate planning makes it easier to adjust your plan when birth, death, changes in relationships, and family dynamics occur. 

Finding a knowledgeable attorney for estate planning in Boca Raton is the first step in creating a legal plan for your wishes. The team of attorneys at SEM Law Group Law is ready to assist you with a plan to protect you and your family that ensures your wishes are carried out. Contact us today at 561-939-8042 for a free consultation.