Federal Government to Issue New C-Note

Soon to be available to you the newly redesigned $100 bill. The colorful c-note has been revamped to include cutting edge counterfeiting prevention techniques that have been a decade in the making.

The 100 dollar bill is the largest note printed by the Federal Government. Also, ever since July 14th 1969 the hundred dollar bill has been the largest denomination in circulation. This revision is the first major revision since the bills last change in 1996. The reason for this revision is that it is the most commonly counterfeited bill outside the United States.

This new bill was intended to release two years earlier. However, with printing troubles the counterfeiting technology was not fully realized until now. The US note will introduce a 3-D Security strip and color shifting ink. The ink well will reveal a liberty bell as well as the color in the bottom right “100” will shift in color. The 3-D security ribbon will show liberty bells and transition to 100s as the bill is moved. One neat feature about the ribbon is that it is woven into the paper, not printed.

Your old $100 note is still valid and will remain valid. The bills will be phased out as the the notes are returned to Federal facilities. It may be sometime before we wont commonly see the 1996 version as the $100 bill has a typical lifespan of 15 years.