Find a Great Criminal Defense Lawyer in South Florida

When searching for a criminal defense lawyer in South Florida it can be confusing and frustrating. There are a lot of lawyers out there trying to show you they are your friend and they are there to help. They likely are truthfully trying to help, but still, where do you turn?

It is important to know if you need a civil lawyer or a criminal lawyer. Most cases are civil cases between two individuals or entities.  A criminal case is usually against an individual with charges brought against the individual from the government. Criminal cases the defendant can be punished by incarceration, fees, or in some extreme cases the death penalty.

What should you look for when finding a criminal defense lawyer? All great criminal defense lawyers especially in South Florida will have great oral and writing skills. These will be invaluable when persuading the jury and judge to show your case. Not only this, your criminal defense lawyer should have a thorough understanding of all the local and state laws.  You should expect that your criminal defense lawyer not only has knowledge of criminal defense but other areas of expertise as well to pull all of that knowledge for your case.

You will also want to see your criminal defense lawyer work well with a team. When you decide on your South Florida criminal lawyer you should notice that it shouldn’t be a one man team. Criminal lawyers should have at least legal secretaries or another partner to assist them with cases.  At SEM Law Group-Law we have assembled a fantastic knowledgeable team of lawyers and legal secretaries.

Also, when seeking your criminal defense lawyer in South Florida you should be aware that most criminal lawyers work in a private firm, such as SEM Law Group-Law. You should meet up with your criminal lawyer before hiring them. You need to trust that they are looking out for your well being. You can schedule a meeting with our experienced team today to find out what type of experience and knowledge our team can bring to you!