Florida HB 155 Passed: Is Chuck E Cheese’s Closing?

Rick Scott recently signed into law HB 155. This bill has been passed soon after the Allied Veterans scandal was uncovered. The bills intention is close down “internet cafes”. Internet cafes are a business that feature online games that recreate the slot machine experience on the computer screen. The bill updates how Florida recognizes slot machines and explicitly states they are not allowed in Florida. This is regardless of the amount of skill needed to operate the machine. Arcades are not allowed to give a gift card nor can points accumulate to a cash prize over 75 cents. It almost certainly sounds as if the Florida government killed Dave and Busters. However, this is not true. The bill outlines that games used at children’s arcades, such as Chuck E. Cheese’s and Dave and Busters are exempt.

All redemption arcades in the state of Florida that operate similarly to Dave and Buster but provide Visa gift cards for prizes are now illegal. These businesses are mostly visited by seniors. The bill has unintended consequences of closing down these adult arcades. This has displaced thousands of jobs from the Florida market.