Divorce is never an easy subject to discuss. Usually, when casual conversation comes onto the subject, it is quickly skirted. The subject of divorce becomes even more complicated when children are involved with the dissolution.

You’re in Florida, and a State that some may consider inside the “bible belt”, because of this, the assumption is that all rights automatically go to the woman in a relationship by default. This mindset stemmed from the “tender years doctrine”. The legal principal explained, for any children under a certain age, usually four, should remain with their mothers in the event of a divorce. However, this is no longer true. Florida laws regarding kids and divorce have changed.

Florida law continues to change regarding children custody. For instance, as recent as 2008 the then current Florida legislature abolished the concept of custody. Since 2008 Florida has used time-sharing as an alternative to child custody. The court no longer appoints or awards sole, or joint custody to either parent. However, now after a divorce, a parent can be granted equal or majority time-sharing. Time sharing is decided based on several factors that are in the best interest of the child.

One factor to also consider during the divorce time frame is your location to each other with children. You may remain physically in the same city or area due to having built a life together soon after the divorce. However, after some time, your lives and jobs may take you to different cities or regions. Florida law requires a parent to notify the other parent before moving away more than 50 miles from his or her current residence.

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