Florida Takes Top Spot in Foreclosures

Florida remains in the lead for the most foreclosures filed again this month. On top of that Miami is the foreclosure capital. We should only be so lucky! Fortunately, you have help; we have a great team of attorneys in the South Florida area, locally in Boca Raton if you find yourself being served foreclosure documents.


Locally in the Miami metro we have continued to lead with the highest foreclosure activity for the large city category in the US, for the entire first quarter of 2013! Nearly one in early 79 residents in the area has received some type of foreclosure paperwork. The average for the Miami metro is more than three times the average in the US.  The Florida average broke down to approximately one in every 104 residents versus the national filing rate was one in approximately 296 residents. The bad news continues with foreclosure activity in Florida increasing seven percent during the first quarter from last year. Again, we at SEM Law Group Law want to be your foreclosure attorney here in Florida if you find yourself getting behind in your payments.


This increase may be due to many lenders who have held off on pressing forward on foreclosures during the so called “ robo-signing scandal” Now that the there has been a legal settlement, lenders now have clear parameters on how to go forwarded with foreclosures and handling their backlog work.


If you have any questions about any legal filings you have received or you think you may be receiving shortly, contact us. We have hired premier attorneys that have specialized in handling foreclosure cases for the South Florida Metro. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!