FYI About Credit Card Defense

Credit card companies constantly offer credit to anyone they can, more prevalent, they target those individuals who have little or bad credit in attempt to assist with fixing or creating credit, but at the same time, leave risk for further downfall into bad credit.

What happens when you don’t pay? They file an action against you in Court to collect the unpaid sums. In most cases, these actions are filed in small claims, as they are more likely than not amounts less than $5,000.00 with each credit card.

Small Claims court uses a truncated version of the rules of civil procedure, to create a simpler process to expedite and quicken the completion, or as it is called in law, disposition, of the matter. What does that mean to you? The case could be over before you realize it has started. You have less time to respond and get your defense started.

Due to the truncated process of small claims, SEM Law Group offers simple plans that enable you to afford the defense you deserve, the defense provided by a licensed, experienced attorney.

If you have credit card debt that surpasses the jurisdiction of small claims, over $5,000.00, SEM Law Group can still assist you in these matters, as our attorneys are experienced in all venues of litigation, small claims, county and circuit court.