Holiday Season Credit Card Defense!

We all know all too well this time of year we stuff any feeling of buyer’s remorse away as we unpack joyous feelings of the holiday season and swipe our plastic money card once more. A lot of times in the back of our heads we know the looming feeling of pending debt building. We at SEM Law Group Law want everyone to enjoy this Holiday Season responsibly! We are not only referencing having parties with co-workers and family members, but to remember that total collective American Credit Card debt totals 2.5 trillion!


We at SEM Law Group Law want to be on your side if you should fall behind on your payments! If a Credit Card company has filed action against you, you need to respond to their action as quickly as possible. Many times these actions are filed in small claims court; many times the rules of small claims court are truncated to speed up the process for these cases.  It is imperative that an experienced individual help you through the confusing and break neck speed of the process.

Having a credit card is not scary and when used sparingly and with a plan to pay off the purchases are a great asset. The key is to always to plan out payment of the debt before you decide buy. Enjoy the Holiday Season!