If you are going through a divorce, it is important you get someone who will fight on your side to get you a fair divorce settlement. While attorneys do all they can to fight on your side and help you through the divorce process, they need information and help from you to make this happen. In order to have an effective and efficient first meeting with your divorce attorney, you want to prepare yourself. 

Here is how you can prepare for your initial meeting with a divorce lawyer.

Bring Your Financial Information

Much of divorce centers around finances. Bring information about marital assets, including houses and vehicles. Also, bring copies of information about bank accounts, retirement plans, and investments. Even if only one spouse’s name is on this information, bring it, as it may still be considered a marital asset and therefore will need to be dealt with accordingly. Be sure to also bring the last three years of your tax returns and any pay stubs or W-2s you have on file. 

If you or your spouse have a business, bring financial information relating to it as well. Also, if there is a prenuptial agreement, it is essential to bring it with you.

It is okay if you cannot access all of the information, as your attorney can obtain this information during the discovery process. You are simply giving your attorney as much information as possible to start with.

Prepare a Wish List

Sit down and decide what you want at the end of this divorce. For instance, if you want to stay in the marital home, write this down. You also may decide you would prefer to sell the marital home and split the profits from the sale. This list does not have to be exhaustive, but it will give your lawyer an idea of what you are expecting and how best to approach your case.

Prepare A List of Questions

You likely have many questions about the divorce process, so be sure to write them down. This will ensure you do not forget to ask them at the meeting. You also may want to bring a notepad and pen with you, so you can jot down new questions or information as it comes up during the meeting.

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