Unfortunately, accidental injuries can cause drastic health problems, leading to expensive medical bills, loss of wages, and other catastrophic issues. In certain cases, the victim may be able to sue for compensation. Knowing about common types of accidental injuries will help you to prevent them from happening.

Five Common Accidental Injuries

Slips and fallsSlips and falls remain the most common type of accidental injury, with millions of people suffering from this injury each year. Many people, especially seniors, end up with broken bones. Preventing these injuries requires property owners to maintain sidewalks, mop up spills promptly, and remove tripping hazards on the floor. In a perfect world, that would happen immediately, but it doesn’t always work that way. To help prevent slipping and falling, be vigilant in watching where you are walking, minimizing distractions such as using your cell phone while you walk.

Accidental drownings — Each year, the CDC reports that over 3,500 people die due to accidental drowning, and may more end up with brain damage from temporary lack of oxygen. The majority of these deaths can be prevented by following posted guidelines at swimming pools or other bodies of water. Monitoring children closely when swimming, and if you have a pool on your property, install child-safe locks and fences around it, and prevent people from consuming alcohol nearby.

Impact from objects — This type of accidental injury is surprisingly common. It can happen whenever a person is throwing a ball, driving by road work crews, or reaching for something precariously placed on a high shelf. To reduce the risk of injury, always be on high alert at sporting events, when driving, and during other times of high risk.

Poisonings — According to the National Safety Council, poisonings are currently the leading cause of accidental death. To prevent these types of injuries, always read the labels of chemicals and medicines before using and follow directions.

Burns — A majority of burns each year are due to accidents like consuming flaming shots of alcohol, getting too close to an open grill, or standing near a tiki torch. Having a fire extinguisher on hand anytime there is a fire can prevent serious injuries, and it is generally wise to keep open flames far away from people or flammable objects.

If You Are Hurt Due to Someone Else’s Negligence, It’s Important to Hire a Great Personal Injury Lawyer

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