If you have found that your business has entered into litigation, you will want to take steps to protect your hard work and investment. Corporate litigation can be tricky to navigate, especially if you have a global company. Of course, you also have to worry about your shareholders, board members, and directors as well. There are many ways to protect your business during litigation, and we are here to help. Here is what you need to do should you find yourself the subject of litigation.

Consult a Corporate Attorney

The first step if you find your business in litigation is to consult with an attorney specializing in corporate law. If you do not have a corporate attorney already on retainer, be sure you choose a lawyer that is experienced with business matters. When you go to meet them, be sure to bring anything that has to do with your case. This includes any paperwork, contracts, videos, e-mails, text messages, the complaint itself, voice messages, and even web pages. Make sure you have copies of all possible pertinent records.

Once the lawyer reviews the complaint and your pertinent records, they will help you to determine what step to take next. They will also be able to tell if any mistakes have been made in the filing of the complaint, so action can be taken to possibly dismiss the complaint entirely.

Do Not Communicate With the Plaintiff

Once you receive the complaint, be sure that you do not communicate directly with the plaintiff. Once they have filed a complaint, they have indicated they have no desire to work things out amicably. Any communications you have can be used as evidence, so leave all communications to your lawyer, so that you are protected. 

Inform Your Insurance Company

Once you receive a complaint, you need to immediately forward it to your insurance company. Keep in mind that they may not cover the cost of the complaint should anything have to be paid. Nonetheless, you want to be sure to inform them, so it can be determined if your litigation costs are covered.

Don’t Get Tangled in a Business Lawsuit Without a Great Corporate Litigation Attorney on Your Side

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