I think I have an auto accident injury

Were you aware that the PIP laws have changed this year? They quietly changed as 2013 rolled around. You have 14 days to seek medical treatment from any auto injury under the new Florida auto accident injury laws. If you do not get yourself fully checked out by a medical doctor you forfeit your right to claim medical treatment from the auto accident.

Most claims are to be under the new law will be around $2,500 cap for medical treatment; the previous cap was at $10,000. There is a $7,500 difference for the cap under the new law that took effect on January 1st. If you think you have an auto accident injury you should contact your medical doctor immediately, and then call us.

Also, massage therapists and acupuncturists are not considered medical treatment under these new auto accident injury laws. This is bad news for those who can be healed by wholesome medical treatments by licensed medical practitioners. This new auto accident injury law has become more restrictive to the policy holder.

If you were in an auto accident, make sure you first call the police. Then call us! If you think you have an auto injury, seek medical attention as soon as possible under these new auto accent injury laws in Florida. We’re here to help, contact us to see what we can do for you today!