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Slip and fall accidents on the job are an employer’s worst nightmare. Should any potential trip hazards be left unaddressed, they are likely liable for damages you’ve incurred, and typically any doctor or hospital bills directly related to the incident.

While employers tend to emphasize the importance of taking precautions in the workplace to prevent slip and fall accidents as a result, there’s nothing to prevent you from becoming victim to trip hazards in other public or private settings. Here are some interesting facts you should know about slip and fall accidents.

People Over 55 are at Highest Risk

Slip and fall accidents account for the highest number of occupational injuries among people aged 55 years and over. While this may not reflect the true statistics of individuals who have slip and fall accidents, it is accurate for individuals who report having had a slip and fall accident.

This may be due to the fact that these types of incidents tend to cause more damage to the health of individuals over the age of 55, more so than younger individuals. All in all, slip and fall accidents cause the highest number of worker’s compensation claims, as well as the resulting missed days of work.

Slips and Falls are the 3rd Most Common Cause of Accidental Death in the US

Approximately 32,000 individuals died from falling in 2014. That’s over 1% of the entire population of the United States at that time. Individuals aged 80 years and over are at the highest risk of death due to slip and fall accidents due to various health factors.

n your later years. your bones tend to become weaker and cannot handle the force of a fall. Even attempting to catch oneself can lead to further damage. Death can occur either when you hit your head with enough force and damage the brain, or if your bones are unable to protect vital internal organs such as your heart as a result of the impact.

Over 1 Million ER Trips Annually are Due to Slips and Falls

Imagine how much precious time and resources could be used to save other emergent conditions if the number of slip and fall accidents were decreased, even just by 1%. That would save 10,000 other individuals who might otherwise be turned away due to frequent ER overcrowding. Not to mention, ER visits tend to be very expensive and can cost an individual with poor health insurance a pretty penny if they’re unable to submit a worker’s compensation claim for it.

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