A densely populated state, Florida has some of the highest rates of auto accidents in the country. In fact, out of the 2.7 million miles of roadways in the United States, Florida contains five of the deadliest – I-95, I-75, I-10, I-4, and Highway 1. Palm Beach County drivers in Boca Raton and surrounding areas are all too familiar with the dangers of I- 95 and Highway 1.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Boca Raton, whether on I-95, South Federal Highway, or other motorway, do you know how to ensure you receive the settlement you are entitled to? Florida has many personal injury laws in place to help determine liability in an accident and which medical bills and other expenses are covered. However, personal injury statutes in Florida are difficult for the average person to navigate, as they contain many conditions on payout limits, timeframes, and liability.

Cost of Medical Bills From Car Accidents Pile Up Quickly

The current national average cost for bodily injury claims after a car accident is approximately $15,500. While those with minor injuries may not incur any expenses, those who have been seriously hurt will have much higher costs. Hospital stays quickly add up and can send medical bills into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the ongoing care and treatment such as physical therapy necessary.

Insurance Compensation Doesn’t Always Match What Your Case Is Worth

Unfortunately, many people do not have sufficient PIP coverage on auto policies to get the care they need without high out-of-pocket costs. In many cases, insurance companies will fight to avoid paying medical bills in accident cases even if you do have coverage.

Insurance claim adjusters do not take into account the personal details of your accident case. They often rely on software programs that use algorithms based on statistical data to determine how much coverage you should receive. By standardizing the payouts, it helps them to save money and improve their bottom line; it does not mean that you don’t deserve to be reimbursed for the high cost of your expenses.

Accident Claim Lawyers Fight for You to Receive a Higher Payout

Insurance companies hope you’ll handle your claim on your own. They know that most people are personal injury laws and bank on you blindly accepting their first offer. A car accident attorney familiar with the law including filing deadlines for compensation and right to receive appropriate care should handle your claim while you focus on healing.

Essentially a series of negotiations, personal injury claims filed by an attorney are paid at a much higher rate. Your lawyer will ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to by law through negotiations that address your specific case details with the insurance company.

Don’t leave money on the table by trying to handle your case on your own. Contact at SEM Law Group Law for experienced car accident lawyers in Boca Raton at (561) 939-8042 today, and get the money you’re entitled to from your personal injury claim.