March = Spring Break!

We have found ourselves in the middle of March and its madness. Also, we have found ourselves in the midst of Spring Break season. Spring Break is entirely different here in Florida due to all of the out of State visitors.

We in South Florida are lucky enough to be a Spring Break destination. With this distinction, we have will have an overflow of college party goers who will have little regard for our local laws. If you have been a resident of the area you know what beaches to avoid during the height of Spring Break, or perhaps you know which beaches you want to frequent!

To prepare for Spring Break mode, a few tips are key during this time of year:

1. Be Aware: Many out of State drivers are on our roads, and, unfortunately, may be inebriated. If you see one of these drivers best it to let them around you or give them as much room as possible.

2. Good Hotels Could be Scarce: Prices on rooms may be higher than usual. If you are planning on having friends or family visit, the hotel may have already been booked to get that great beach destination.

3. Traffic: Traffic may not have any discernable difference during the day; however, you’re likely to notice it the closer you get to the beaches. Plan to spend extra time in the car if you have weekend plans to hit the sand or any destination nearby.

Have anything to add? Let us know! Did you have a burning legal question, let us know! Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us!