The general public many times will have misconceptions or myths about pop-stars, politicians, and sometimes even the law. It is understandable for the law to be misinterpreted or not understood, many laws change from state to state.

A common misconception about personal injury cases is that you will need to settle the case before medical treatment has finished. If the case has been settled before all medical treatments have been administered, you may not be fully reimbursed for the medical treatment due to estimation of costs versus reality. You may encounter medical complications with an unplanned surgery and require several follow-ups, which wouldn’t be likely to be factored.

A myth is holding out or refusing a settlement will gain you more money. The best way to ensure that you will receive the highest amount for your settlement is to use a personal injury attorney. There is no secret equation. We are working for you, the other parties usually involved aren’t working in your best interest. Additionally, your personal injury lawyer will assist you with all the tough questions you may be facing.

An all too common misconception and myth is personal injury lawyers are “ambulance chasers”. Florida has laws and regulations prohibiting attorneys from contacting new potential clients. An attorney who would be “ambulance chasing” wouldn’t likely be a well qualified attorney. Choose an attorney who has a good reputation in your area.
Finally, many believe hiring a personal injury lawyer commits them to a long and drawn out legal battle. That may happen while it is not not usual. The mass majority of cases will be settled out of court. The truth is, nobody wants to rack up substantial lawyer fees and tie up our court system. Once you have a personal injury lawyer, you show you mean business.

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