Most Florida amendments rejected

Many people braved lines for hours, several after polls have closed in the name of democracy. Florida had decided that the most of the lengthy ballot from this week’s election was not good enough to pass.

The ballot had a record breaking 11 constitutional amendments.  Eight of the 11 constitutional amendments failed to be approved by the general public.  The amendments to pass were Amendment 2 (Tax relief for veterans), Amendment 11 (Tax relief to senior citizens), and Amendment 9 (tax relief to spouses of military members).

All other amendments failed by a fairly large margin. The Amendment that was resoundingly struck down was Amendment 5. This proposed amendment would have given the Legislature more power over Florida’s judicial branch. The amendment was seen as an attempt by the Legislature to punish judges who would strike down many of the Legislatures priority laws.

The 2012 elections are in the history books as we look forward to 2013!