My wife wants a divorce; I don’t know what to do! Well you’re landed onto our page, which is good, you’re seeking legal advice. You’re friends are trying to help you through this tumultuous time, but they may not have the best information for you for legal matters. We want to be your friend to help you when life has got you down especially when your wife wants a divorce.

You are most likely very emotional right now, and that’s very understandable. We’re here to be presented the facts and present you back relevant information that you need to hear and internalize. Many times you may not want to hear more bad news but having the correct information during a difficult time, especially when your wife wants a divorce.


You have already asked yourself, if you really need an attorney if your wife has decided she wants a divorce. The answer is, no, you

legally do not need an attorney. However, divorces are highly emotional and complicated especially when unwinding two lives. This

is even thornier when there is child custody and property disputes. You may also be curious if you need to go to court. The answer is yes; since marriage is a legal institution a judge must make a final ruling on the divorce. There is a 60 day period between filing for divorce to become finalized. If all settlement

details are agreed upon during that time the divorce is complete.

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