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Another new year has begun, and already we’re experiencing Florida’s swift turnaround in family law. A recently released law addresses the issue of parental time-sharing, or what was once considered custody agreements. The change from custody agreements to time-sharing emphasizes the state’s stance on parenting plans to become more focused on the child’s best interests. What does this mean for newly separated or divorced parents?

From Custody Agreements to Time-Sharing

As more separate and divorce each year, it has become apparent the need for a child’s visitation schedule with each parent to be sound and structured. Plans work best when all parties involved are on the same page. This is why Florida courts recommend that both parents work together to create a time-sharing schedule that fits both of their schedules and allows the child ample time with mom and dad.

The Standardized Schedule

Should the parents be unable to create a schedule that works for both of them without conflict, the state of Florida will provide a standardized schedule with allowed modifications. The established set visitation times allow for every other weekend, one evening a week, and certain holiday breaks. The goal of implementing such a scheule is to put the needs of the child first. In doing so, the child has a steady schedule that he or she can rely on every week, which is essential for childhood development.

Online Child Support Makes Money Managing Easy

In addition to the new parental time-share law is a website governed by the Department of Revenue to make providing and receiving child support easier than ever. Gone are the days of sending checks you hope are received on time. For information on how to set up your child support payments online go to:

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