Probation Lawyers; Who can I Trust?

Probation comes after the trial and the sentencing has occurred already occurred. If you’re in probation you’re well aware of this fact. The next question you may be asking is what happens when if I violate my probation? That’s a great question that you should be asking your probation lawyer!

Each individual terms of probation have several different degrees of seriousness that may be associated with your violation. Some circumstances may lessen or possibly make the situation much more severe. If you find yourself in violation of your probation, the first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is get an experienced probation lawyer! It is very easy to violate probation by simply not reporting to your probation officer at a scheduled time or place. Sometimes life happens and you’re unable to make it to the appointment.

So, what happens if I find myself in violation of probation, do I automatically need a probation lawyer? There is not any set ruling what may happen to you once you have violated probation. It depends on the report of the probation officer. You may be only issued a warning, or to be required to appear in court. Additionally, this could lead to jail time. An experienced probation lawyer team will be able to guide you in this confusion and tumultuous time.

It is important for you to know that you have rights during probation; an experienced probation lawyer will let you know your rights!  During probation if you have made a violation these are generally the rights you have:  You should receive written notice of the violation, have the case heard by a neutral judge, you of course have the right to an attorney represent you (we highly suggest this), you have the right to present evidence to prove your case or defend yourself.  We cannot stress enough for you contact us, an experienced team of probation lawyers to help you understand all of your rights.

Probation is not fun, violating probation is a nightmare. You need an experienced probation lawyer to help guide you during this tough time. Contact us today so you can live life and leave the legal stuff to us!