Real Estate Attorney in Broward

Owning a home is a dream for many, and it’s a significant investment. It’s also a process that can be quite complicated without a real estate attorney in Broward County. While it’s not a law in Florida that an attorney be present when closing on a home, it is undoubtedly in your best interest to have one with you.

What Does It Mean to Close on a Home?

Essentially, when you close on a home you’re finalizing your purchase. During the closing, the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer is made and the home becomes officially yours. It’s an exciting moment! 

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney During My Closing?

The closing is a meeting that can get rather lengthy. It’s filled with paperwork that contains a lot of “legalese” that is best left to your attorney to interpret. All parties in a closing have a financial interest, and your real estate attorney in Broward is there to protect yours. 

Your real estate attorney is able to explain what your options are if something goes wrong with the deal. Can you back out? How much money will you lose? It’s important you understand any repercussions you might face.

The bottom line is that you really cannot go wrong with having an experienced real estate attorney at your closing. They are experienced and understand the complicated language found in legal real estate documents. They can spot errors you might not see on your own, which can lead to hassles for you later.

For the Top Real Estate Attorney in Broward County or Nearby, Turn to the Experience and Skill of SHAMY, EL FADEL & MAHONE

Our highly qualified attorneys can handle every aspect of your real estate closing. From title searches to property assessments, we’ll be there every step of the way for all of your real estate needs. Our priority is to make sure your best interests are being met.

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