You’ve welcomed a person into you home and with minimal to no supervision and this person has made several changes inside. In fact, you have severely inconvenienced yourself and sectioned off a part of your home to allow this person to make changes. It sounds as if you’re making home improvements and you’ve hired a contractor. In a perfect world, all work would be done exactly as described and as we expect. We, unfortunately, do not live in a perfect world. Your contractor isn’t performing the job as expected, and it has caused a dispute. We will outline some helpful tips to resolve a dispute with a contractor.

Talk It Out How to Resolve a Dispute with a Contractor

While starting a conversation face to face may seem extraordinarily basic, it is always the best place to start. Bring the original signed contract so you both can read over the document. Perhaps you both misinterpreted a section of the contract. By a joint review of the contract, it will hopefully open a dialogue. Hopefully via this dialogue, you will be able to resolve any conflict you may have with your contractor.

Try Using Arbitration

Arbitration is the use of a third party individual or company to at). For example, the Better Business Bureau may be able to open dialogue between you and the contractor is communication has broken down. Through any third party, you hope to open up communication that has broken down. Additionally, you may receive information from your contractor that could come to help you in the future if the dispute results in litigation.

Licencing Agency

Your contractor is, hopefully, licensed by the state. You can use this as a way to persuade to your contractor. The contractor would not want to lose their licencing from the State. If you are also a Florida resident, such as ourselves in Boca Raton, you can contact My Florida Licence. The link can be found here.

If you are unable to find an amicable resolution with your contractor, we can help if you would like to peruse litigation. We offer free consultations and want to hear from you!