School Zones on the Way to Work

The beginning of August can only mean one thing; summer is winding down. The morning commute have been light, and by now you may have even forgotten about the school zone on your way to work. That is about to change very soon!

It is all too easy to have a lead foot in these areas. Here are a few things to remember when driving in school zones. All fines are doubled in school zones. If caught going 30 miles over the posted speed limit, the ticket can be well over $300! All school zones are clearly posted when entering and leaving. Typically, these signs will be accompanied with flashing lights. It is common for school busses to be frequent in school zones. Be sure to be aware of busses, when a bus has stopped you should stop. It usually indicates that kids are exiting the bus. If you pass a stopped bus, it can be a four point ticket onto your driving record.

Be safe on the roads especially in this new school year. We want another great beginning of the academic year and to remember to be respectful on the roads.