Smooth Sailing on I-95

There is nothing worse than after a hard day’s work to be stuck in traffic. Commuters on I-95 going south past or onto Ives Dairy road know all too well about such a nightmare.  The traffic back up occurs due to the Ives Dairy exit ramp only having one lane dedicated to exiting traffic. Other commutes become impatient and cut in front of their fellow commuters.  This is not only unsafe and rude to fellow drivers, but causes the traffic jam to become worse.

Soon, that reoccurring traffic nightmare will hopefully be no more! In the next coming weeks two exit lanes will be open for south exiting traffic on Ives Dairy road in Miami Dade County.  This will assuredly cut down on accidents that would be caused at this intersection as well as any delays in traffic.

Currently, signs and the finishing touches are being implemented for the official reopening of the exit. Improvements to I-95 will continue until 2014.