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Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator Qualified Parenting Coordinator Guardian Ad Litem

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Anastasia J. Mahone, Esq. is a Partner of Shamy, El Fadel & Mahone who handles a plethora of areas impacting the lives of those involved in a divorce and/or other related family law matters in Palm Beach County & Broward County (as well as other Counties in Florida). A few of her litigation practice areas include:

  • Dissolution of Marriage;
  • Child Support;
  • Time-Sharing/Parenting Plans (Child Custody and Visitation);
  • Paternity/ Establishment of Parentage;
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions (Restraining Orders);
  • Parental Relocation with Minor Child(ren);
  • Post Final Judgment Relief to include Contempt & Enforcement actions;
  • Collaborative Family Law.

Ms. Mahone has garnered a distinguished reputation as an accomplished and adept attorney, characterized by her expertise, persistence, and effectiveness in legal matters. Her professional demeanor is exemplified by her responsiveness and commitment to her clients’ needs, while her acute perception enables her to discern and address underlying issues with diligence and precision.

A hallmark of Ms. Mahone’s approach is her patience and dedication in articulating intricate legal complexities to her clients, ensuring they are well-informed and empowered throughout the legal process. She formulates comprehensive litigation strategies, meticulously outlining the various angles through which to approach cases in the courtroom – supported by a comprehensive gathering of evidence.

In her legal practice, Ms. Mahone places a premium on top tier professionalism, diligence, and commitment to achieving outcomes for her clients in accordance with the law. Her mastery of legal intricacies and her ability to develop strategic legal approaches make her a formidable advocate in the pursuit of justice on behalf of her clients.

Ms. Mahone upholds the principles of honesty and integrity, providing counsel to her clients in strict adherence to the law, while simultaneously educating them on the existing legal framework. Ms. Mahone is committed to ensuring that her Clients have realistic expectations, prioritizing transparency and realism in her legal advice and representation.

Guardian Ad Litem Services. In recent times, Ms. Mahone has directed her primary focus towards her role as a Trained Guardian Ad Litem. She has garnered a reputation for conducting meticulous and comprehensive investigations, providing detailed reports to the Court that effectively convey the best interests of Minor Children. Her commitment to this critical responsibility ensures the Court is knwoledgeable regarding the lives of Florida’s Minor Children and informed decisions are made to safeguard the best interest of the children involved.

Family Law Mediation. Ms. Mahone holds the designation of being a Florida Supreme Court-Certified Family Law Mediator. She derives great satisfaction from her role in facilitating the resolution of family law matters, with a particular focus on addressing sensitive and intricate children’s issues. Her dedication to this aspect of mediation underscores her commitment to helping parties navigate the complexities of family disputes with empathy, patience, and a keen understanding of the legal intricacies involved. Through her mediation expertise, Ms. Mahone aims to foster a collaborative environment that promotes constructive dialogue and ultimately paves the way for mutually beneficial agreements that serve the best interests of all parties involved, especially the well-being of the children. Ms. Mahone’s online calendar to schedule mediations may be located on calendly and/or by contacting Ms. Mahone’s office to request dates.

Qualified Parenting Coordinator. Ms. Mahone is a qualified Parenting Coordinator, offering her expertise to aid parents in effectively resolving child-focused issues through the utilization of alternative dispute resolution services. Recognizing the inherent challenges that may arise in co-parenting situations, Ms. Mahone strives to provide a structured and supportive environment where parents can collaboratively address their concerns and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.

As a Parenting Coordinator, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of family dynamics and the paramount importance of prioritizing the well-being of the children involved. Through her comprehensive knowledge of child development, family law, and conflict resolution techniques, Ms. Mahone empowers parents to communicate effectively, find common ground, and reach agreements that align with the best interests of their children. Her commitment to fostering healthy communication and cooperation between parents creates a nurturing environment in which children can thrive despite the challenges of parental separation or divorce.

Educational History. Ms. Mahone achieved an exceptional academic milestone by graduating from high school at the age of sixteen. Subsequently, she pursued her higher education at Florida Atlantic University, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology, which served as a strong foundation for her future legal pursuits.

Continuing her dedication to academic excellence, Ms. Mahone embarked on a rigorous journey at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. Balancing the demands of her legal studies with full-time employment, she tenaciously pursued her Juris Doctor degree through evening classes.

Her unyielding commitment and hard work culminated in her admission to The Florida Bar in 2015, solidifying her standing as a qualified and accomplished legal professional. Ms. Mahone’s academic achievements and determination exemplify her capacity for continuous growth and lifelong learning within the realm of law.

Professional Activities. Ms. Mahone is a proud member of the Susan Greenberg Family Law American Inn of Court and Ms. Mahone is active in the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar to include the following Committees: Legislation, Children’s Issues, Guardian Ad Litem, Continuing Legal Education, Hearing Officers & Magistrates and Rules and Forms. Ms. Mahone is also a proud member of South Palm Beach County’s Choose Collaborative and the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP).

Awards & Accolades. The many awards and accolades Ms. Mahone has received include Avvo’s Superb rating (Score of 10/10), Avvo’s Clients’ Choice award for many calendar years since Ms. Mahone has been in practice, The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40, Justia’s 10.0 Lawyer Rating and Lawyers of Distinction recognition in 2019. Most recently, in 2023, Ms. Mahone was recognized by the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar with receipt of The Rising Star Award.

Interests. Anastasia Mahone, Esq., is a proud South Florida native who has a deep love for her coastal hometown and she delights in spending her free time at the beach. Alongside her affinity for beach life, Ms. Mahone enjoys boating and fishing with friends.

Personally known for a strong sense of humor, Ms. Mahone finds tremendous joy in attending comedy shows, recognizing the power of laughter to uplift spirits and bring people together. Ms. Mahone, Esq., also finds creative expression and relaxation in abstract acrylic painting and creating vibrant artworks on the canvas for personal enjoyment. During her leisure time, Ms. Mahone enjoys reading books and watching fascinating true crime documentaries. For a more grounded connection with nature, Ms. Mahone finds solace in occasional recreational horseback riding, where she can appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

Immediate and Extended Family holds a special place in Ms. Mahone’s life. As such, Ms. Mahone cherishes annual visits to her parents home in North Carolina, trips to visit her maternal extended family rooted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and her extended paternal family rooted in Frederick, Maryland.

Ms. Mahone is a self-proclaimed dog lover and has two dogs: Houston and Dallas whom bring happiness, companionship, and boundless affection to her daily routine.

Ms. Mahone enjoys [nearly] every genre of music from various periods of time.

These varied interests and passions not only enrich Ms. Mahone’s personal life but also contribute to her well-rounded personality and outlook as a dedicated legal professional. Her experiences shape her approach to her work, fostering compassion in all aspects of her journey.

Professional History Prior to the Legal Profession. Ms. Mahone’s professional history encompasses significant experience in diverse fields. Her work as a Case Counselor at a methadone clinic provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of substance abuse while supporting individuals on their path to recovery. Additionally, Ms. Mahone possesses nearly a decade of involvement in the real estate investment industry. Ms. Mahone also gained valuable experience with years of employment at an English language school for teenage students from Europe and various countries around the world. This role not only facilitated cultural immersion but also increased her relatability to teenagers. Through this experience, she honed her communication skills and cultural awareness, enabling her to effectively connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds in her legal practice.

Ms. Mahone’s multifaceted background equips her to offer insightful counsel and innovative solutions in various legal matters, reflecting her commitment to understanding and empathizing with her clients’ unique circumstances.

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Anastasia Mahone Justia’s Reviews:

Jonathan E. May
Ms. Mahone’s clients are very lucky to have her as their advocate.

Tina El Fadel
I would highly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wishes to have a strong, smart, aggressive, knowledgeable and personable attorney.

Luis Cartaya
Always knows what she’s talking about in her field. All clients I sent over say the same thing. Responds to clients immediately. Never leaves them hanging. Always candid towards the tribunal and very professional. I haven’t met one client, and I’ve sent more than 10 over to her, that wasn’t happy with the services she provided. They all come back and tell me how thankful they are I made the introduction.

Anastasia’s Facebook Reviews:

Richard Youngman
Would definitely recommend Anastasia from SHAMY, EL FADEL & MAHONE. I made the mistake of using a different firm for my divorce and had Anastasia revisit my settlement agreement after my divorce was final. The only regret I have in my divorce was not using her initially.

Olivia Montalbano Bittles
Anastasia is an amazing, professional and detailed orientated lawyer. She knows what works as well as her clients like the back of her hand! She is hard working and very well devoted. No stone goes unturned or over looked with Anastasia. She is spot on and great at her job.

Jonathan Moore
She is tenacious in every aspect of her life and it bleeds over into her ability to practice law.

David Guddy Green
Very compassionate, knowledgeable and very reliable. I highly recommend Anastasia’s services, you will not be disappointed.

Tina Doe
Knowledgeable, passionate and zealous advocate. I would highly recommend Anastasia for any and all Family Law matters.

Luis Cartaya
Zealous advocate for all her clients. I’ve sent a few of mine to her for family matters, and they are all so happy.


Anastasia’s Avvo Reviews:

-Hired for Custody Response
When my current custody agreement was to be changed by my former wife, I felt like I was to be cut out of my child’s life. I was referred to Anastasia from a colleague and after reading her reviews she seemed like a great candidate to have on my side. Working with Anastasia has been a pleasure. She is very available for answering questions about the case and she has a system in…

-Knowledgeable, Professional, and Personable = Excellent Attorney!
We contacted Anastasia (Ana) in order to get our wills drafted and she was able to fit us in on very short notice. She was very thorough in explaining all the details along with making her professional recommendations. We highly recommend Ana and will contact her for any future needs.

-Reliable and Punctual
I had a family emergency and needed to file a power of attorney form. Anastasia provided prompt and accurate information when it mattered most for my family. I highly recommend her if you need something done by yesterday. 

-Being in the NFL
Okay so being in the NFL and starting this whole process of looking for a lawyer can get really tiresome. After interviewing many, Anastasia’s name came up. At first I was skeptical because of my own reasons but let me tell you, I have NEVER met such a compassionate hard working person in my life. My agent was even impressed with her work. She was always available no matter what time I had to call her and at the times where most lawyers would take advantage of me financially she stayed true to her word and looked after me. I was afraid of having such a young lawyer at first but I 100% do not regret my decision to go with her, she made the situation and process, although stressful at times, go by so smooth! She always kept me informed in not in an annoying way but instead like she related to my case. I’ll def be working with her again!

-Top of her Game
What a pleasure it is to have a lawyer that you can count on to take care of every detail. She is far a head of any case she is working on. Nothing left undone. And, you can reach her anytime. Not after 10 pm though. Keep up the good work Ana.

-Wise and caring
Ana was such a blessing to me. She set aside the time to uniquely learn my situation while being my living “filter” from the emotions I was experiencing. I feel she was very thorough, knowledgeable, and most importantly professional. I am pleased to continue working with her and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone going through a divorce situation.

-Divorce Settlement
Ana worked diligently, professionally, and with compassion to get me results on repayment of alimony and also alimony going forward since my ex husband decided he no longer wanted to pay me. She researched every avenue regarding my complex martial agreement, and I was simply stunned by her extremely thorough depositions. The settlement agreement was approved before having to go to trial. I would use her again and highly recommend her to anyone needing representation in family law. Simply said, she is highly intelligent and has a great work ethic!

-Divorce/child custody
Anastasia helped me through the most difficult time in my life. I had no idea where to start and did not have much patience but Anastasia helped me through everything step by step. It was a difficult divorce because I wanted to get more time sharing with my daughter, as well as keep my house that I purchased before I was married. Anastasia helped me achieve these important things. She was very comforting and understanding through the whole process as well. I am thankful I had her by my side.

-Phenomenal Service
I want to give kudos to the SHAMY, EL FADEL & MAHONE Team. Especially Ana Mahone, she is very intelligent, professional and personable. I was very stressed and overwhelmed about the case and Ana remained helpful, pleasant, and very responsive always keeping me current with the status of my case. Thank you.

-Best lawyer ever!
Anastasia is an extremely smart, empathetic person that takes her position very seriously but has a human side as well. Her professionalism and attention to detail provides a reassurance that is welcomed when choosing an attorney. I am extremely pleased with the work she has done for me and her fees are more than fair. I recommend retaining Anastasia to anyone who wants representation that is capable and actually cares about their clients.

Yelp Reviews:

Tim T.
Great advice on what to do with my small claims court predicament. Very helpful!

Vlad W.
SHAMY, EL FADEL & MAHONE did a fine job with my case. They were experienced and cost effective for me. The end result was a settlement for my case and I could not have been happier with the outcome. They fought tooth and nail and protected me the way a lawyer should.

SEM Law Group Law Facebook Reviews:

Luis Alvarez
A professional team with quick answers to your problems!

Steven Whyte
These are the guys to go to if you have a traffic ticket! Totally professional and affordable!