Top Tips to Find a Lawyer

At some point in our lives it becomes necessary to hire an attorney. Also, at some point finding an attorney became as simple and difficult as using the internet. There is a huge resource online, but the draw back is where do you begin with all this information swirling about.  We would like to help! We thought of  a few tips we would like to suggest when looking for a local attorney.

1. Identify Your Problem

What is your problem? That should be the first question you should ask yourself. Does this problem require legal knowledge. Many will think lawyers are needed when in some trouble criminally with the law. This couldn’t be further from the truth and in reality it is unlikely that you will ever be searching for a criminal lawyer.  Additionally, many times there are state run, and local programs to help you with your quandary, which  negates the need for a lawyer.

2. Consider the Costs

What are the costs of hiring a lawyer? Not only monetarily, but consider emotional costs that may arise. Depending on your case it could be a very emotionally stressful and damaging case. Make sure that you can afford your lawyer before hiring them for the full term of your case.

3. Search!

The hardest part will be shopping, or searching for the best lawyer. The easist way to start the search will be to use Google. It is also best to use local key words such as “Boca Raton”, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale. Don’t also discount referrals from your friends and family. They will most likely be able to refer  you to a lawyer they trust.  There are also several sites dedicated to finding a reputable lawyer that have ratings from previous clients on their profiles.

4. Found!

If you have found a lawyer you would like to hire it is best to consult with them before hand. It is good to take note if the lawyer provides free consultation. We at SEM Law Group Law provide free consultation, but other law firms may not. It is best to call in advanced to find this information. While speaking to your potential lawyer remember to keep in mind how interested they are in your case.  The more interest the firm and lawyer has in your case the better because they have passion to win for you.

5. Hired! 

After you have narrowed down your selection it is time to pick the best lawyer for your needs. Only you will be able to pick out the best lawyer for you. Remember, lawyers can never solicit you for your business. First of all it is considered, “ambulance chasing”, and a reputable lawyer would never consider a practice.

Remember, to live life and leave the legal stuff to us. If you need help with any of your legal troubles, give us a call, we are here to help!