What is a Retainer?

I hear a ton of law firms advertising personal injury services on the television, and they say in one way or another, that it does not cost me anything to hire them, does your firm offer the same service? Every “Tom, Dick and Harry, PA” law firm broadcasts on local television that it does not cost you anything to hire them, or “no fee guarantee”. The truth is that every reputable personal injury firm is retained the same way. Each firm may use their own “pitch” to get your business, but the fact is that probably almost every firm has you execute a retainer that stipulates, agrees, that the firm andattorney does not get paid until the case is resolved. These firms also pay for the costs associated with the representation of your claim, both in pre-suit and in litigation. Our firm offers the same exact thing. The bottom line “behind” all the marketing filler is that, any reputable firm, including our own, earns their compensation for representing you by taking a percentage of what is collected. Also, the retainers that you sign hiring a firm are pretty much “boiler plate” language taken directly from Florida law books when it comes to most personal injury based services, including car accidents. The form of this engagement is called, a “contingency retainer”. Summarily, if the attorney fails to collect anything either by judgment, verdict or by settlement, the attorney does not get paid, and moreover the attorney will lose any money that they invest into your case as costs. Therefore, we are all the same in what we get in compensation. The true difference is how capable a firm is to effectively represent you in each case. Our firm has represented countless clients from the smallest of cases to the largest of cases, and thus we have extensive experience on representing clients on accident cases.