Personal Injury Lawsuits Boca Raton, Florida

Filing a personal injury (PI) lawsuit from a car accident, slip-and-fall accident, or other incident can be scary. It’s natural that you would have questions about if it is worth filing a claim. You may be wondering how much compensation people receive in similar lawsuits, or what the maximum amount ever awarded for a personal injury lawsuit in Florida was.

What Determines the Amount That Can Be Awarded in a PI Lawsuit?

The laws regarding personal injury in Florida can be somewhat complicated compared to other states. In the state of Florida, your compensation can either be capped or uncapped depending on your specific case due to existing laws and precedents.

The first consideration when determining compensation amount is compensatory damages. This might include medical costs required for physical injury, deformation, and traum,a as well as property damage and damaged future earning potential. Make sure that any such costs are well documented. Compensation for these types of issues is not capped in Florida.   

Another area that should be considered in a claim is non-economic damages. This might include more intangible things such as pain and suffering or damage to quality of life. These types of damages can also receive uncapped compensation.

Punitive damages can apply to some personal injury cases but not all. This type of damage requires that the actions taken were especially terrible and worthy of punishment. Soft caps do exist for punitive damages, which are limited to three times the amount of compensatory damages, or $500,000, unless three times the compensatory damages is a larger number and then that will be awarded.

Often, the cases that receive the largest amount of compensation are class action lawsuits, but many suits filed by a family or single person can also receive significant compensation. The largest amount ever awarded for a personal injury lawsuit in Florida was $145 billion which was awarded to plaintiffs whose health was damaged by smoking cigarettes in a case against Phillip Morris and other cigarette manufacturers.

Where Should I Go for Help With a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

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