Family Law Mediator Boca Raton

When it comes to family disputes, mediation is rising in popularity. It allows disputing parties the opportunity to reach an agreement and possibly avoid court before expensive legal bills pile up. Here is what mediation offers and where you can find family law mediation in Boca Raton.

What Is Mediation?

A structured and private process, mediation is when a third-party, neutral mediator helps two or more parties resolve a dispute through compromise. There are five steps of mediation, which your mediator will review with you. In most cases, mediation is successful.

What Does a Mediator Help With?

Family disputes like divorce, child support, visitation or time sharing, paternity, and more. A mediator helps the parties plan parenting schedules, assist with setting up communication, dividing assets, and working out child support.

How Do You Choose a Mediator for Family Mediation in Boca Raton?

A mediator facilitates negotiations allowing control of the decisions to rest with the parties unlike court, where the outcome is decided by a judge. Both parties should have input when it comes to selecting the right mediator.

A mediator with experience, specifically in family law, is your best choice, so an agreement can be reached outside of court. Knowledge and experience of the issues at hand and how to navigate them is key. Interview the mediator to determine their style and flexibility, so you’ll know if they’re a good choice for your unique needs.

Here’s How to Prepare for Mediation.

The best outcomes happen when the parties are interested in reaching an agreement and ending the dispute. To prepare for mediation, understand your needs, have an understanding of the dispute, and be willing to reach a compromise. Mediation is not successful if parties are intent on non-compromise. So be willing to listen, work to understand a variety of options, and come to an agreement that meets your goals.

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