Your Legal Rights!

You may be curious if you get arrested, what your legal rights are. Most of us are aware of the Miranda warning, also known as your Miranda rights.  Although, we have found that many South Florida residents need to be refreshed with correct information.

If you have been arrested as a US citizen, you need to be informed of your legal rights.  When you are taken into police custody, you have the right to be informed of the charges against you.  Additional you have the right to obtain a lawyer or have one appointed to you if you cannot afford one. You also have the right to remain silent.

The right to remain silent is one of the key legal rights you have. Police must tell you have the right to remain silent and any statement you make may be used as evidence against you. Questioning must stop if you state that you wish to remain silent or request a lawyer. This is key when knowing about your rights as a South Florida citizen.

What if a police officer approaches me in a public space? Do I need to answer his questions? No! You need not submit or answer any questions are you should feel free to simply walk away. If the officer has a reasonable suspicion that you have committed or about to commit a crime the police do have the right to detain you for questioning. Again, you have the right to not answer any questions. Again you are not required to not answer. You CAN be searched without a warrant.  A warrant is not required for a pat-down, or frisks, when officers reasonably believe that you are armed. Additionally, a warrant is not needed when contraband is in plain view of the officer and they are able to make a full lawful arrest. It is very important to know your rights when driving or out and about in South Florida.

It is important to know your rights as a South Florida citizen. Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us!