2014 the Newest Year Yet

Brand new year, full of possibilities and wonder. This year IS your year go out and take over the world. We at SEM Law Group law want to help you with those unexpected lightening bolts of excitement when we’re needed.



This year will be full of unexpected surprises. The usual association with a surprise that will need a lawyer is negative, that doesn’t have to be true! What if one night you come up with the next best thing since sliced bread? You’ll need a trusted lawyer to help you patent the idea. You could find out that you’re having a child this year, you may want to set up a trust for them in the future, a lawyer can help! A long lost relative from a remote part of the world just left you their entire estate. You’d want an experienced lawyer to help you sort out all the red tape.

We know it’s hard to find a trusted lawyer. We offer free consultations, so you never have to pay anything before we get to work for you. We want you to know that we’re on your side and want you to be successful in this new year. Remember to live life and leave the legal stuff to us!