Teenagers can hardly wait to be given the opportunity to operate a vehicle. This is natural, of course, because it means that the open road is calling for captivating adventures and untold stories. Unfortunately for teens, they are also the most at risk group for accidents.

With school out for the summer, that means a lot more opportunities for teens to be on the streets. This only increases comes with an unfortunate side affect, generally, accidents involving teens go up during the summer months.

What can be done to prevent the likely needs of teens being in an automotive personal injury incident?

If the teen driver is between the ages of 15 and 18, the State of Florida has several suggestions for adults and teen drivers to remain safe. At the age of 15, an individual may apply for a learners permit. For the first 90 days, the learning teen must be accompanied by an adult of 21 years old and with a driver’s license in good standing. The next 90 days the learning teen may drive up until 10PM, again, the teen must be accompanied by an adult.

Once the teen has reached the age of 16, or the driver has had a learners permit for a year, he or she will graduate to an operational license, with restrictions, sometimes referred to a provisional operators license. The teen can operate a vehicle unsupervised between the hours of 6am and 11PM unless driving to and from employment.

It is never recommended to allow teens to drive together. Teens can and will easily influence each other to make decisions they otherwise wouldn’t. Also, make travel expectation times. This way everyone can be accounted for at a specific time.

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